How Hacking Can Land You To The Jail

How Hacking Can Land You To The Jail (Four Reasons )

How Hacking Can Land You To The Jail

Hello viewers, welcome back to our website. And, in this post, we are going to see, four reasons how Hacking Can Land You To The Jail.

The four reasons of Hacking Can Land You To The Jail are described below:

Friends, I generally think that, you may all know about black hat hacking, right?

If not, let me explain you in brief! Black hat hacking is a practice where hackers attack a system without the owners (of the system) consent or, we can also say that, black hat hackers are the hackers that come with the moto to earn money and spread their word. so, attacking on the system without the owner's permission is illegal and, it can land you to the jail because, in general, the main purpose of attacking a system is to gain important files.

Moreover, If you are gaining access to a system then your main motto will be to earn money. For this either you will damage the system and get the admin access. Then just question yourself, is it not illegal Yes, it is!So, this way black hat hacking will land you to jail.


Do you think online games like 8 ball pool and COC can get hack
and, you will get coins or any game of your wish can get hack and you will get good ranking in that game? have you got such websites to get free reward for giving your fb login credentials or, and you get any message on Facebook that says: you will get a reward when you login from your fb through this given link?
do you always get spam mails that you have won 200000$ or more, to gain this, just, you need to provide your birth date, your social profile link, your phone number, your social login details, and, the
least but not the last, the bank account number? if so, then, i would like to inform you that all the above mentioned are fake you have been phished! this is how phishing works!

Black hat hacking

(How Hacking Can Land You To The Jail )

now, let me define you what is phishing. phishing is a type of hacking where hacker creates a fake login page to steal your info about any website. the hacker makes a fake advertisement with the phished page and will send you saying that you will get something if you login from this page. Now by hearing this you will be shocked. Yes, you can be hacked by phishing.
Moreover, By reading this you have got to know about phishing, now I’ll let you know how phishing can land you in jail
if you know phishing. and, if you are sending this fake advertisements to scam users and to gain credentials/un authorised access. you may get punishment through federal wire fraud laws. It is a federal crime to unlawfully use means of communication that cross state lines for the purpose of obtaining money or property through fraudulent representations.


are you expert in cracking the things and distributing it over internet? do you like to hack WordPress themes/website's premium plugins and sell it in less cost as they are at more cost in real time?
do you like to download the movies before the release? and do you like to work as a cracker (social worker) over internet and distribute the important software’s for free?if you do any of these things, I wanted to say that, you are doing piracy of that things. what is piracy?

Doing Scanning on any website without the permission of website owner/website author

piracy: the unauthoris use of others hard work, to earn or to make yourself popular by providing it for free is known as piracy.(How Hacking Can Land You To The Jail )
piracy: it is one type of hacking because, we are gaining the unauthorised access to it.
now, let me say you how piracy can land you to the jail. if you crack anything and sell/publish it for free then, you are violating the rules and you are forcing the author to file a case on you because you have given the things of the author for free or at a low cost,as author of the product has worked hard and made it,  so, you may go to the jail because, you did piracy on that product.

now, let me say you how much time of jail you may get if you are doing piracy. six months and three years, with a fine between Rs 50,000 and Rs 200,000. However, it is worth mentioning that there aren’t many reported cases of actual prosecution for downloading movies online but, their are many cases for cracking software’s and sell it/give the free download link for specific software in full version which has sent many people to the jail.

as i mentioned in point number 1. the black hat hackers always go to the jail. as they gained unauthorised access on the internet property which they don’t own. So this is no. 4

if we do scanning on any website, we get the following information:

1 . number of open ports/number of closed ports.
2 . if server is live or not.
3. Find DDOS reflectors
4 . HTTP info gathering
5 . Heartbleed Detection
6 . IP Information.

How Hacking Can Land You To The Jail

now, you may be thinking that, wo, wo! what is this?
what are above terms! if you dont know, let me say, this are the things we get in scanning!
if you are feel that this article is very good. you can go and have a look at our HCSCP Course!

if you know about scanning. and, if you are bit confused about how it can land you to the jail. let me explain you with an example. 1 month back, my friend Ram told me that. Although I have learned ethical hacking from an big institute. and now, I am an ethical hacker. Now, I will do scanning on websites and report vulnerabilities.
i told him no, you should never try it without owner’s permission. Although He didn’t listen to me and did scanning of a  website. After that he got all vulnerabilities and everything mentioned above.
he submitted the report based on his scanning skills. then, that particular websites owner called the cyber police. and informed that this guy did scanning. and has given me the report. the website owner said that he/she doesn’t know these. Then Ram landed in Jail.
These all are the ways How Hacking Can Land You To The Jail. So friends be aware and stay safe.
Happy Reading……. 🙂
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