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Hacksinfo Cyber Security Certified Professional (HCSCP)

Hacksinfo Cyber Security Certified Professional (HCSCP)

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Course Description:!

Hello, welcome to the course of Hacksinfo Cyber Security Certified Professional (HCSCP). Before reading this course specification, please note: We do not deal with any of the certification programs. we built our course on our own curriculum

About and Info!

Welcome to our comprehensive course on Ethical Hacking! In this course, you will start as a beginner with no previous knowledge about penetration testing or hacking. The first thing you will learn is some basic information about ethical hacking and the different fields in penetration testing. This course is focused on the practical side of penetration testing without neglecting the theory behind each attack. Before jumping into penetration testing, you will first learn how to set up a lab and install needed software to practice penetration testing on your own machine. All the attacks explained in this course are launched against real devices in our lab.

The course is structured in a way that will take you through the basics of Linux, computer systems, networks and how devices communicate with each other. We will start by talking about how we can exploit these systems to carry out a number of powerful attacks. This course will take you from a beginner to a more advanced level — by the time you finish, you will have knowledge about most penetration testing fields, after completion of the course, you can Take Part in Several Bug Bounty Programmes.

Course Structor!

Our course is structured on 10 modules:

Module 1: Extreme Basics.

  • Intro to Ethical Hacking, types of Hackers, Understanding the Process of Hacking and how hacking terminology works.
  • Choosing an Operating System
  • Get to Know Which OS is Vulnerable

types of Operating System and their Uses


  • Preparing a Portable Hacking USB Drive
  • Working with VTT (Virtualisation Technology) and Installing Kali Linux and Other Linux Distro
  • Get to Know about Cloud and Pen-Testing Tools.
  • Orientation to Kali Linux

Basics of Terminal: for example, Understanding File Operations, Navigation and Permissions & Ownership in Terminal

Module 2: Network Fundamentals

  • Intro to Computer Networks
  • Types of Networks
  • About TCP/IP and Types of IP
  • Intro about OSI moddal
  • Detailed Explanation about OSI Moddals
  • Intro to Computer Ports
  • Types of Ports
  • Intro to MAC Address and Some Basic Game Play about It
  • Intro to DNS

Playing with Name Servers and setting up a host server

Module 3: Privacy, Anonymity and Deception

  • Intro to Anonymity, Privacy and Sudo Anonymity
  • Intro to Proxies, VPN’s and TOR
  • Get to Know about Best Anonymous OS
  • Working with Proxy
  • working with VPN and TOR
  • Advanced TOR to VPN and VPN to TOR Circuits
  • get to know about Mac Address and DNS LEAKS
  • generate Fake Online Identity and Email
  • Spoofed Call and SMS from Any Number

and much more

Module 4: Human is the Weakest Link (Non-Technical Hacking (Social Engineering))

  • Intro to Social Engineering
  • Advance Career Options for Social Engineers
  • Discussion About Big Social Engineers like Kevin Mitnick Etc
  • Open Source Intelligence Data Gathering on Humans
  • some of the Main Techniques Used in Social Engineering
  • Ethical Hacking (Social Engineering) through Hardware like Arduino and Digispark
  • Intro to Password Hacking
  • Password Hacking Using Tools and Phishing

Advance Level Phishing Using GoPhish on a Virtual Private Network.

Module 5: What is the Game Changer? strategies before attack(Infomation Gathering

  • Intro to Footprinting
  • What is Maulteego
  • Using Maulteego
  • Intro to Google Hacking
  • Search Engine is the King,!Working with Google Hacking!
  • Intro to Nmap
  • Working with Various Scans of Nmap
  • Doing some gameplay using nmap such as: Detecting OS, Finding Ports, Checking for Vulnerabilities

Finding the Personal Info about Any Person Using American Portals

Module 6:Attacking time,! Attack like a Pro : Using Metasploit Framework

  • getting started with scanning (first step of Penetration Testing)
  • working with MetaSploit Payloads and Encoading Frameworks
  • working with Exploit Modules
  • Learn Client Side Exploitation Using Metasploit
  • Post Exploitation Using Meterpreter
  • advance MeterPreter
  • working with Oxelary Module

Working with Armitage

Module 7: Hack the Web!WEBSite Penetration Testing

  • Website Basics
  • Information Gathering
  • File Upload Vulnerabilities
  • code execution vulnerability
  • Local File Inclusion Vulnerability
  • Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability
  • Sql Injection Vulnerability
  • sql Injection Vulnerability SQLI in Login Pages
  • Sql Injection Vulnerability Extracting data from DataBace
  • SQL Injection Vulnerability Advance Exploitation
  • XSS Vulnerability
  • Insecure Session Management
  • BrootForce dictionary Attack

Discovering Vulnerabilities Automatically

Module 8: Mobile Hacking

  • Intro to Mobile Hacking
  • Installing Kali Linux in Android

Information Gathering

Module 9: Wireless Penetration testing

  • Intro to Wireless
  • How to generate Password
  • Using Aircrack
  • Using dictionary Attack to Crack Wireless Passwords

some Other Attacks to Crack Passwords

Module 10: Bugbounty (Become an Bug bounty hunter and Report a Bug)

  • How to Create the Detailed Report of Your Work

Participate in Big BugBounty Programmes like Facebook bug bounty programme, Google bug bounty programme Yahoo bug bounty Etc

Course Fee:- INR15000($250)

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