Delete 9 things from your Facebook

9 things you must Delete from your Facebook profile right now

The Facebook data scandal has started a big debate of how much a person should share an information with a social media websites. Here are some stuff which could help you protect your privacy.

1. Birthday

Sharing your birthday could be fatal for your data, throgh your birthday people can easily access users bank account, email-id, and personal details.

2. Phone number

The first  think any website will ask is your phone number, and most people commit this mistakes. Your phone number leaves you vulnerable to a number of crimes which could not be even listed here.

3. Limit friend list

Psychologists believe that humans can maintain an active relationship with  approximately 150 people. If your friend list has some thousands of Facebook users. People less than 5 are considered dependable,  while 13.6 exhibited sympathy during an “emotional crisis”. So, it is recommeded to limit your friendlist for a healthier interaction with social media.

4. Photos of your child

Most of the people share their some private moments, but it raise an important question: what kind of phtos, informations would your children want to see about themselves online when they grow up? Parents compulsively sharing baby photos should give a thought before uploading one.

5. Location of your child

Sharing location of your child give an opportunity to sex offenders to find out their location and make them vulnerable to various crimes.

6. Your Home Location

People usually tag their home location while uploading their photos, but tagging your location it actually reveals your home address.

7. Check-ins while  going on holiday

It give an invitation to burglars. As a result some insurance companies don’t give you claims if you have posted about  their holiday plans on social media.

8. Credit card details

Never do this in your wildest dreams also.

9. Boarding pass pictures

Uploading a picture of your boarding pass reveals your barcode, which is unique to you, and through it hackers could access the information that you gave to the flight company while booking your flight.

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