Hello friends, in this post, we are going to know 7 major steps by which, you can crack WinRAR  easily.
note: this tutorial is just for education use.
the hacksinfo or people or owner’s associated with this tutorial is not responsible for any damages or cracks done.
why this tutorial?
This tutorial is made to educate the people about how the softwares works and how people use this all crackers(value changer) to crack the paid softwares by which, they can get it free of cost.
lets get started:

7 Major steps you must know to crack the WinRAR:

Step1:- Download Resource Hacker from here
Step2:- Open Resource Hacker and click open.
Step3:- Choose C:Program Files (x86)WinRAR/WinRAR.exe
Step4: You’ll see a lots of directories under it Scroll down and find ‘REMINDER’ under the Dialog Section
Step5: Under REMINDER right click on 1033 and Click on Delete Resource [Dialog: REMINDER: 1033]
Step6: Save as the file at another location. Please ensure that it must not be the original location of Winrar.exe
Step7: Now copy the saved (new edited copy) of WinRAR.exe and paste it in its installation directory, and replace the original WinRAR.exe


you cracked the software.!
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