3 things you must know before learning batch file programming

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batch file programming

batch file programming

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3 things you must know

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In this article, I am going to tell you 3 things based technically and noon technically which can or can not influence you to learn batch file programming,

Many people have this questions in their mind that, how they can learn batch file programming, and what is that.
As many people who were working with notepad or text editors would know, there are many programmes which can run in our windows or dos machines and can do a lot.
So, what is this? is this hard as c or java?
And, if I am going with your mind, and if you are thinking the same, let me tell you that, you are going in a very wrong way.
Batch file programming is simple language but it is somewhat tricky why it is tricky every programming language or any general language could not be learned easily.

If you are a beginner and this is the machine language, and how you can learn this easily.

so, to make it clear, I wanted to say, how you can learn batch file programming.

If you really wanted to learn batch file programming, you need to follow 3 steps. basing on non-technical types:

 Before learning batch file programming

  • Be dedicated towards your work.
    many people wanted to learn programming language let it be c, java python or anything.
    but the main point to learn any programming language is the requirement of dedication which most of the people do not have.
    first of all, many people by hearing the name Programming or Coding or Code will think that it is the type of stuff which is made for the persons with supernatural power…
    I, myself, as being a programmer and as being a learner know that, what people do while learning to programme.
    first of all, when people start learning any programming language, they learn 3 days or 5 days or 7 days more with great dedication, then move towards copying source code, pasting it, running it, getting the output of it and enjoying the result.!
    many of you do because you all are beginners.
    even, I, myself did the same when I was learning HTML.
    I use to copy the source code, paste it into the editor and use to call it as my programme.
    but, I got inspired with one developer and started writing programmes of my own and then I became a professional in c, Java, and Python!

hear, the example of my own tells you that, you should work hard with dedication. myself, I worked with very fewer efforts but, then when I got to know the reality, then I started to think out of the box and started learning to programme…

How you can learn batch file programming.

so, dedication is necessary to learn anything.
if you are dedicated towards your work, you can learn anything free of cost also.
hear we are cleared with the first step, which is dedication.

  • Passion
    to learn anything, from anywhere, and anytime, the thing we should require is passion.
    many of the people will be forced by the world or by their friends or by other means of resource and think that they can learn to programme and will start, give dedication, and completes the course but, they could not do more into that particular field because they are not passionate about it.
    so, if I wanted to say, I would say: learn those things for which you have passion.
    do those work only for which you have passion.
    hear also, in this article, I would say, if you really wanted to do something, build scripts and something creative which you think you can do then learn batch file programming.
    otherwise, you should learn other skill in which you have the passion or for which you are passionate about.
learning batch file programming
  • Hard work.
    2 steps have been done.
    dedication: you are dedicated towards language or skill.
    now you are working on it because you have the passion to do it but, the third thing which you require is hard work.
    if you wanted to achieve something, then fail 10 times in it.
    by failing I don’t want to say that you fail in everything.
    learn the skill or anything. do it, if you are not getting, that is the type of failure from which you are suffering.do it again, you will learn new things from it and next time, you will be surely successful.
    now, I said this all.
    this all are the non-technical expect to learn batch file programming.
    on the bases on the technical path, you need to follow again 3 steps.
    first of all, try to understand how this language works:
    if I talk about batch file programming, we should write some types of scripts in the text editor(i use notepad) and, you need to save it with a .bat extension, and then run it, and you will get output depending on the code you rote!
    many of the viruses, malware and some useful resources are made using batch file programming.
    it is so simple.
    it is very simple then HTML so, it will be good if you start learning batch file programming..!
    batch file programming can also help you to run multiple tasks at once which will slow down your work.

How to learn it?

  1. you need to have an idea to use the text editor.
  2. you need to have an idea with the working of commands and some syntax idea will be appreciated.
  3. the experience of using DOS, in Brief, will be also Appreciated.

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