12 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO you must know if you are an SEO Professional

 Do you have a WordPress website? If you have then what did you do to make your website SEO optimized?

Your website looks good but it is not enough to make it top to the list on Google search results if it is not SEO friendly and optimized.

It can be a really big problem for you as it might not get you the results as per the purpose you have made the website for.

12 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO you must know

There is nothing to worry about if you are a WordPress user and choose the best Plugins for your website.The Plugins can help you with your new site as well as for the existing users.

We will show you Plugins that can make your life with work easier as it comes with lots of handy tools.

These tools are the exact thing that you need to work for Search Engine Optimization.

  • Yoast by WordPress the best Plugin we all know about. It is free and has over 5 million installations with a 4.7-star rating. Yoast SEO is the most popular and very easy to work with for both beginners and experienced users with advanced options.

To start with it, you should have a look at its main features:-

  • It helps you with the Keyword Optimization that allows users with better optimization for Meta descriptions & keywords along with the SEO friendly titles.
  • snippets will help you to show the preview for your page to let you see how it looks on Google search results.
  • Readability check feature makes sure to check your content and construct it by easy to read.
  • SEO Yoast has regular updates through which users can stay satisfied knowing that they are using the latest version for Google algorithm.

However it is free, still, the users can upgrade their pack with the premium service worth $89. The premium feature comes with many other improvements and services.

Best Plugins for SEO

  1. All in One SEO Pack

You can guess everything better just by seeing its name. This Plugin has all the benefits with 3 million installations and 4.5 ratings. This plugin offers maximum benefits to its users like:

  • The integration for both Sitemap and Google Analytics.
  • Bad Bot Blocker to speed up your Website and save you from harmful bots.
  • Canonical function for URL.
  • Meta tags and Keywords automation.

Just like SEO Yoast, it is also user-friendly but other than that it may take a little time to get used to its interface.

  1. The SEO Framework

Best Plugins for SEO: This is different from other SEO Plugins but east to use which offers its services almost free with no advertisements or any requirement to upgrade it.

Its performance is automatic with all the typical work like canonical URL, title and descriptions.

The only thing you need to do is to customize the settings at the start or you can also use advanced options from its extensions. These extensions are:

  • Incognito mode support.
  • AMP Plugin integration.
  • Tracking for spam comments.
  • Your Website’s SEO analyzation.
  • Setting for local SEO.
  1. SEO Squirrly

It is user-friendly and specially designed for people with no experts in SEO. It has an advanced working solution that helps you to write better content with various recommendations.

Even before finishing your content, you will get to know the valuable insights. The Squirrly is perfectly compatible with other Plugins which means you can replace it anytime with Squirrly.

Keyword research and Website progress will be received to you by weekly reports to work better.

  1. Broken Link Checker

Users need to have the best experiences while visiting your website. Other than focusing only on your content and keywords, it is important to check your broken images and disadvantages like broken links to improve your SEO.

These things can cause you to with poor performance on Google. For this, The Broken Link Checker can help you to check and fix all the problems related to broken and missing links on your website.

For your comfort, it also gives you notification on your email account with every problem it detects. Through this Plugin, you can easily manage your site by editing it.

  1. W3 Total Cache

Many of you face problems while loading your website and for the better ranking, your site should be loaded faster.

This is the most important step that most of the users forget or overlook in process of SEO optimization. This can lead to bad experiences for other users accessing your Website.

W3 Total Cache helps you with all the cache operations and CDN integration which helps your website loading page faster.

  1. Google XML Sitemaps

We all have to create XML sitemaps to update our website. The Google XML Sitemaps helps you to automatically generate sitemaps for your website.

Through this, the search engines were notified every time you update anything on your website. It is easier for users to work with this plugin to make your WordPress website easy to find on search engines.

If you have a large website with lots of archives and media content, this is the best option for you. Even if you have little internal links still Google itself will recommend this plugin to you.

  1. SEO Optimized Image

The images are the best source to make our content more interesting to read. This helps your readers to engage more with your website.

While the image can be beneficial with your content, it is also important to add a description for every image you use. This is a very important factor for Google so it should not be neglected by any user.

This plugin is the best that automatically updates all your images with right alt tags and titles.

  1. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

There are various devices through which people access your website for their use in which the mobile phone is the most popular.

Other than the mobile phone, your site can be used through Tablets, laptops, and desktops so it is really important to make your website user-friendly.

This user-friendly plugin helps your WordPress website to fit on all screens and automatically allows you to add simple and stylish themes. You can also customize from settings without to work with typical codes.

  1. AddThis

Ever heard of bounce rate? The bound rate could be the reason to lower your rank of website on Google. You must try to make your customers spend more time on your site.

What could be the best ways to do this? AddThis helps with all the suggestions for the related post however; its main function is social media share buttons.

Apart from this, it also allows you to add post recommendations with beautiful templates to show your related posts.

  1. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Recording your tracks of progress is the one that Google Analytics helps you with. It helps you to track your records with various things but it can be difficult to access it easily.

You have to spend a great amount of time to add it to your website to track the reports and progress of your website.

The Google Analytics by MonsterInsights can easily available all the data to your WordPress dashboard directly and save lots of time. You can see the location of your visitors, their device, Gender, and age.

  1. All in One WP Security Firewall

This plugin is the best extension to make your website safe and secure with lots of filters. These filters can be related to your account, login credentials, and database.

It is free and does not make your website slow down even a bit. You can also use its different setting options according to your needs.

These were some of the most important wordpress plugins you can use to increase your wordpress site’s ranking/visibility on google.

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